Monday, February 13, 2012

Potty Boot Camp: Day 1 report

I started Potty Boot Camp today. For months both of my boys have been going #1 and #2 in the toilet about half the time. Some days more, some days less. Sometimes they wear underwear, sometimes a pull-up, depending on my mood in the morning and how much we'll be out of the house that day. I've taken a very relaxed approach to potty training until now. I made the decision to crack down a few days ago when I realized that both of them CAN go on the toilet. They just sometimes don't. I'm sick of buying diapers. I'm even more sick of changing them. And I'm beyond sick of cleaning up poop, when I know for a fact that they are capable of telling me when they're about to go, and making it to the toilet. I'm not ok with cleaning up somebody's poop just because they're too lazy to bother going to the toilet.

Today wasn't perfect, but overall it went surprisingly well.

The Bad:
- Little T, who is usually very eager to go on the toilet, peed in his pants about 10 times. WTH? I have no explanation for it. It's like he knew what I was doing and was purposely going against it.

The Good:
- Little J stayed dry ALL DAY! He has more of a tendency towards laziness. He usually asks to wear a pull up instead of underwear. But he did amazing today, and I'm very proud of him. Hopefully it lasts.
- Both boys stayed dry during their nap.
- and the BEST thing about this day: ALL THE POOP went into the toilet. NO poopy underwear! Woo Hoo! And here are some pictures of my big boys helping out around the house. Not today, these were last week sometime. They're getting to be quite the big helpers.

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  1. Potty boot camp... it will kick your butt every time! Good luck! :)

    Your boys are getting so BIG! they are such handsome little men!