Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Potty Boot Camp: Day 2 Report (and some trains)

Day 2: Tuesday

The Bad:
~1 poopy pants (by T) (lucky for me, Derrick was home by then and took care of that one!)
~1 wet pants (also by T)

The Good:
~ J stayed dry and clean ALL DAY (except during his nap, but I don't really count that)
~ T stayed dry and clean til about 5pm (that's when the accident's started). I'm calling it success.

We had a really great day.

Today the boys have their last Gymnastics class at the Y. I'm taking them to it, with those plastic pants thingys over their underwear to keep them from peeing all over the gym equipment. Hopefully they'll just hold it, it's only a 45 minute class. Wish me luck!

And here are a couple train pictures for your viewing pleasure. I have a desire to photograph trains, but since they're usually moving, it's difficult. So I decided to start with toy trains. I like these. :)Ha, I just realized the pun of "trains" and "potty training." Totally didn't do that on purpose.

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  1. i got the pun right away...intended or not. Love it.