The Mama

Hi, I’m Jeannine. I grew up in the Minneapolis suburbs, and migrated to Northern Indiana in 2000. It is here that I met and married my husband in 2003 (yep, met and married in less than a year), and we now have five children. I am a mom, step-mom, former foster mom, and adoptive mom. The only "mom" I'm not is mom-in-law, and I'm confident that will happen all too soon. 

I am a work-at-home-mom (but aren’t we all?) juggling a very busy household, running a photography business, writing, and guest posting on a craft blog that my best friend from high school writes (Ok, technically, it is “our” craft blog, but she does 98% of the work on that one).

I love books, art, gardening, photography, “green” living, healthy eating, coffee, tea, camping, hiking and canoeing. I am obsessively frugal, but learning to balance it with local shopping and local, healthy eating (which isn’t easy, but it IS possible!) 

This blog is my place to share whatever happens to be on my mind. Often it is funny (or not-so-funny) things my kids are doing, a recipe or kitchen tip, or just some of the deep thoughts that I don’t have much time to tap into these days.

Once a week or so I will be posting something on the topic of “Food” – with seven people in the house, it seems my life revolves around food, and I’ve learned a few things along the way that I will be sharing with you.

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