Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 13th & 14th

Some of you have asked to see my dread locks, so her they are, just a few days old. I only did two in the front and wrapped some ribbons around them to make them pretty. I have since taken the ribbons out because they're a bit of a hindrance to all the palm rolling I have to do in the process of getting the dreads to lock up. I like them, so far. I'm tempted to add another one here or there. We'll see

And, this is the Ringling Bros. BB Circus train that drove right past my house the other day. It was fun to see. Last year I read the book "Water For Elephants." I liked it. Then I saw the movie when it came out. So watching the circus train go by reminded me of those stories, and it made me happy.

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