Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 4th - 11th

Picture-A-Day: Here we go...
9.4.11 - Huge, nasty, beautiful spider IN MY YARD. Usually I don't see these exotic looking spiders, just normal brown ones.

9.5.11 - Hanging with friends at the NLCC back-to-school party on Labor Day.

9.6.11 - "canning" zucchini. Actually, I just dumped in jars to freeze. I've been trying for ages to figure out a better way of freezing things than plastic baggies. I'm kind of against most things disposable for environmental and financial reasons. I do have some plastic containers (Rubbermaid, I think). They work ok, but they're fairly expensive and I always seem to run out. My MIL gave me a bunch of her canning jars, so I used these quart-size jars for the zucchini. I like it. I've also been using canning jars for regular food storage in the fridge, like leftover soup. It's more space-effective (is that the right word?) than square containers, I think. And I think glass is better for the environment than plastic for multiple reasons, which I'm not going to go into right now.

9.8.11 - I dread-locked D's hair for the 2nd time. The first time was over a year ago. After he'd had them for a few months he cut them off for a job interview. He got the job, and is still there, so it's good that he cut them off, though we'll never know if it actually affected his chances. Anyway, it went a lot quicker and easier the 2nd time. And if you didn't see on facebook, I gave myself a couple. Just a couple because I'm not brave enough to do my whole head, but I like they way you can decorate them with ribbons and beads. 

9.10.11 - My little computer girl. She cracked me up the other day, she wanted to play on the computer (usually she plays games on, or some Barbie game. Suddenly she was on You Tube watching a Justin Bieber video! I asked her how she found that, and she said "I googled it." I didn't teach her to do that. Her big sister did. 

9.11.11 - My precious girls. Last week at church we had a guest speaker who is a pastor in India. The girls were touched by his stories of the Indian people whom he works with (yep, I just said "whom" and I think I used it right!). They wanted to help, and Jayna came up with the idea that "Rich people should give a lot of their money to the Indian people." And from there she decided that if people would give her a lot of money, she could send it to India to help the people. So we took a collection at church this morning, and brought in $127.50. (doesn't sound like much, but we're a really small church!) And we're going to continue to collect through the month of September. Here they are sorting coins (using their sweet giving little hearts to teach them math!)


  1. I wanna see your dreads man! E-mail me a pic! :)

    I am pretty sure that Nyah would be able to hack into my computer too! :)

    What sweet girls you have! Way to get math in there too! :)

  2. yeah - i wanna see your dreads, too. ;)

    and i freeze things in jars, too. just like you. and i use jars for leftovers in my fridge - they fit well and i like how i can see exactly what's in the jar.

    love you,