Monday, July 18, 2011

July 14-16


Just want to point out all the dirt in the bottom of the tub. A minute earlier, before the dirt settled to the bottom, the water was completely brown. It's been a pretty common occurrence this summer at bath time.

Not much to say about this picture, just another attempt to photograph a train. Not a good one, but I need to keep trying. One of these times I'll get a great one!

Saturday I took Sage on a mommy-daughter date to see The Music Man at the Lerner Theater. I LOVE theater. There is nothing that can really compare to the energy and excitement of seeing a live show. And I'm trying to teach my kids to appreciate it too. Sage has had a really good time both times I've brought her to a play. I'm not quite ready to take Jayna yet, she's a little restless still, and I don't think she could hold her bladder through an entire play. But she's getting close, hopefully within the next year I'll be ready to take her. I'm excited that there's now a theater in walking distance from our house.

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  1. you look so cute with Sage! I can't wait to take the kids to a live show! : )