Monday, July 18, 2011

July 11th-13th


I found this at Good Will, thought it would be a good photo prop. I didn't really like the words at the bottom (a little to cheesy for me), so I spray painted it white.

We have this great little ice cream shop right down the street from us. The owner is an artist, and she has a back room where she does art classes, and has live music and open mic nights. It's hard for a small business to survive in this economy. Even in a good economy it's hard, with all the big corporations taking over the world. It's hard for me to get there very often with my kids being so little, but I hope to take advantage of their delicious ice cream often this summer.

I met up with an "old" friend at the free spray park in Mishawaka. I met her through another friend about 7 years ago. She moved to South Bend and started having kids, and we started having kids, and life just got busy and I haven't seen her now in about 5 years. We reunited on Facebook about a year ago, and we finally took a day to get the kids together and catch up on all that has happened in the last 5 years. It was really great to see her again, she's a really wonderful person. I hope we have more chances to get together in the near future.

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