Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 6th-10th


7.6.11 (Happy Birthday Alyssa)
Starting off with a couple of food posts... this is me burning brats on the grill. And yes, I was on Facebook while the brats were burning on one side. Then when I went out to flip them, my neighbor called me over to tell me something, and then the other side burned. Oops! It's ok, brats taste good with a little char on them anyway.

I made my own cream cheese wontons. There's a Thai restaurant called Lucky's Donuts (yes, I know, it's weird). Anyway, they have the BEST cream cheese crab wontons, but they look like egg rolls. And I decided I could make them myself. This was the first try, and I didn't cook them long enough or hot enough. The 2nd time they were a bit better, but I baked them to try to be more healthy, and I'm tellin ya, next time I'm gonna fry them. It's just not the same baked.

Friday I took the girls (just the girls!) to a free spray park about 20 minutes away. After they got bored playing in the water they decided to climb this huge hill. There they are at the tippy top, see?

And silly Jayna, didn't want to watch whatever show Sage was watching, so she decided to take a nap on the floor instead of on the couch (I don't see the logic either, but that's the story I heard).

If you want to see pics from 7.11.11, click here. Our good friends had their 2nd baby on Saturday (just 12 hours after I'd been out with the Mama, and she was definitely in pre-labor at that point - probably more "in" labor than we realized!) Anyway, I had the honor of taking their baby pictures when the little guy was just 3 days old. :) I love those little peanuts, they're so tiny, and they grow SO FAST!

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