Saturday, April 02, 2011

April 1st & 2nd


Friday. 4.1.11.
Date Night! 
I love date night.
We went to Red Robin. This picture is dessert.
Fried cheesecake! It's not the best pic, because I took it with my phone. OMG, best invention EVER. 
Ok, not EVER. 
But I LOVE cheesecake, and I LOVE fried food. It's weird, because I usually like pretty healthy foods, but I have a weakness for battered fried food. Onion strings, cheese sticks, mushrooms. Love, love love.
I also have been addicted to cheesecake ever since I was pregnant with Jayna.
I craved cream cheese and anything made with it during that pregnancy, and I still haven't shaken that craving.
Fried cheesecake. Unbelievable. After dinner we went to check out the store-closing-sale at Borders, but we were about 2 weeks too late. Not much left.
Then we went to the mall to shop for jeans and things for us, but didn't find anything.
Bummer. But we had a good time hanging out together anyway.

Saturday. 4.2.11.
And that brings us to today!
It was kind of coldish and dampish and cloudy and windy today, but the kids wanted to play outside anyway.
I fenced in a little area for the boys. Our yard is pretty big, and it's hard to keep track of two toddlers running in opposite directions. Sometimes I'll be talking to one of the girls, or watching them do something spectacular, and one of the boys will disappear around the corner of the house or something. A little scary. This way they're trapped. Yeah, it's pretty much like a cage. But I figure it's better than them running into the street or onto the railroad tracks behind our house.

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  1. I love that you guys have date nights...we need to do that more often...eventually...