Monday, April 04, 2011

April 3rd & 4th


Sunday. 4.3.11.
Sunday nap time!

Monday. 4.4.11.
Tonight at dinner we were trying to get T to eat, so every time he put his spoon in his mouth we started chanting his name. He LOVED it! 
We've had trouble getting him to eat dinner lately. It's especially annoying because he screams and cries in the doorway for the ENTIRE time I'm in the kitchen making dinner. It's so unbelievably frustrating, as you can imagine, if you've ever had a 1-year-old throwing a tantrum at you for a half hour while you're trying to get dinner made for the entire family. Then to add insult to injury (literally?) he refuses to eat his dinner! Well, he ate about half of it tonight. He loves attention. He loves people laughing at him and clapping for him, and apparently he loves hearing his name chanted. Who doesn't, really?
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  1. I love his face! Such joy! : )

    The things we do as parents to get our kids to do things! : )