Monday, April 11, 2011

April 5th-10th

Spring Break

Tuesday. 4.5.11. Sage and Jayna did a gymnastics camp at the Y. They had a blast, but after 2.5 hours of tumbling and jumping and flipping, they were totally exhausted. This is Jayna in her little leotard.

Wednesday. 4.6.11. We had a playdate with our friends who live in Michigan. We used to do playdates with them every week, but since the kids have been in school it's gotten harder to get together. Last time we got together it was October! So we went to visit them, and got to meet their adorable little chicks!

Thursday. 4.7.11. We took the kids to CiCi's Pizza for dinner. I didn't have to make dinner 3 nights in a row! It was heaven. I wish we could afford to eat out every night. Because we would. I'm not a fan of making dinner. Either that or I wish I could hire a personal chef for our family. That would probably be healthier than eating out every night. It would be nice if the chef were also the housekeeper. I want an Alice (from the Brady Bunch). Wouldn't that be great?

Friday. 4.8.11. We took a little road trip to Chicago to see the Shedd Aquarium. Derrick was there as a kid, but I guess it's changed a LOT. I'd never been there. A couple weeks ago Sage brought home a book about Ocean life. Then one night last week we watched the Disney movie "Oceans," so going to the Aquarium was kind of a cool reinforcement to all the stuff we'd been learning about Oceans. It wasn't even planned, everything just kind of happened coincidentally. Sage thinks she wants to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up. Oh, this pic is of a coral reef. It was my favorite part of the Aquarium, so colorful and beautiful. And so much of it reminded me of the movie Finding Nemo!

Saturday. 4.9.11. Derrick made blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast! It was kind of a fiasco. We had about 3 drops of milk in the fridge, so he had to run to the store to get milk before he could make the pancakes. Then once he started cooking them, he went to the cupboard to get syrup, and there was about 3 drops of syrup left in the bottle! So I went to the store to get syrup. It was almost lunch time by the time we had breakfast, but it's ok. It was delicious. I splurged and got Mrs. Butterworth's, and OMG, have I been missing out! I always buy the cheap syrup from Aldi. It's good - I mean, it's pure sugar, of course it's good, right? But Mrs. Butterworth's really IS thick and rich and buttery! I don't know, I might become a syrup snob.

Sunday. 4.10.11. It got up to 83 degrees on Sunday. It was a little taste of summer in April. It seems like every year around the middle of April we get a couple summery days. I end up getting out the little kids' pool, they play in the water and sun all day, and then it goes back to normal spring weather for a month or two. No exception this year. It's supposed to be in the 50's all this week. Not complaining - it's still really nice. I love spring thunderstorms, and I love seeing the earth come back to life. Anyway, here's Jayna dumping a bucket of water on her head.

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  1. I love your posts! Just great vignettes from your lives. Really makes me feel like we aren't so far away.