Saturday, April 02, 2011

March 27-31

Aaaaarrrggggg! It's been a week since I've posted! It's been a crazy week. Part of it has been getting Photoshop, and trying to figure that out. Um... I really had no idea it was so confusing! I thought all the pros used it, it must be great software, but I can't seem to get very far. It's frustrating to me.
Also, I've been busy reading. I'm on the last book of the Harry Potter series, and I'm now over halfway through it. The entire book has been hard to put down, since it's kind of the climax of the entire series.
I love it more the second time. The first time you read a series like that, you don't always understand the entire context. As the story unfolds, and things come together, you forget details from earlier. The second time you read it, those little things make more sense because you already know the whole story, you understand the whole context. It feels even richer and more fulfilling to read it the second time. Sorry if that's supper sappy, it's Harry Potter for pete's sake. Whatever, I love it. Call me a big nerd. Anyway, that's been filling in my little free moments, which is probably another reason I haven't blogged much this week.

I'm glad March is over. For some reason it was super crazy busy! I'm starting to feel like a soccer mom, taking my kids to all kinds of activities all the time. And not just the kids, we've had "grown up stuff" going on too. I won't bore you all with the details. I just hope April slows down a wee little bit. I believe I've had my first failure of the year. I'm pretty sure there was a day this past week that I didn't take a picture. (I don't mean I haven't failed in any way, I'm just talking about my picture-a-day endeavor.) We'll find out as we go, shall we?

Sunday. 3.27.11.
My usual Sunday-dirty-dish-pile.
I think I've mentioned before that I try to do as little work as possible on Sundays. It takes some self discipline to just let dishes pile up like this. I can't stand having a dirty kitchen. But I've found that if I can ignore it, and spend as much time as I can vegging on the couch, I feel much better on Monday.

 Monday. 3.28.11.
Jayna can tie her shoes all by herself! She's been working on this for a couple months, so it's a big accomplishment. It's one of those things that, as a parent, I really appreciate having to help one less kid with their shoes every time we go somewhere.

 Tuesday. 3.29.11.
I went to Target to get an external hard drive because I need a better way to store my many, many pictures.
Alyssa wanted to come, and she came out with a whole new outfit! Track clothes - shirt, short, and even track shoes. The next day at track she hurt herself. Popped her hip out, apparently. I guess it went back in on its own, but she was in serious pain for a few days. We took her to the doctor on Thursday, and she got some good stuff for the pain. She's ok now.
Did you know they make "track shoes" now? Not the same as the old fashioned "running shoes." 
These things are weird! I don't know how to describe it, you'll just have to take my word for it.
It just occured to me that I might be the only person in America who didn't know this. 
I'm usually kind of behind on things like fashion and what's "in" and what "all the cool kids are doing."

Wednesday. 3.30.11.
One of life's wonders - kids love to play in boxes!
And apparently, boys love to fight. I came out of the bathroom to find the boys both sitting in this box, slapping each other in the face with both hands, screaming. Welcome to the world of boys.

Thursday. 3.31.11.
This is it. This is the day I didn't take a picture. 
I remember getting ready for bed thinking "I don't think I took a picture today." But I just didn't have the energy to go scrounging around the house for something to take a picture of. So. I fail. But that's ok, I'm just gonna keep plugging along, because this is fun. 
And that concludes the month of March. I will start a new post for a new month. I do have pictures. :)
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Nice work Jayna...can't wait to see your shoe tieing (sp) in June. (hopefully.)

    Ouch Alyssa, I hope you keep up with track...are you starting out of blocks yet?

    Nice shirt T....I'd love to get all 3 boys matching outfits if we see you in June...I'm sappy like that.

    Loved the HP comments too...have you heard of Harry Potter Clue. It's such a great twist on the game...So much more interesting, plus, it's HP! You should check it out.