Tuesday, March 01, 2011

February 27th & 28th


"Mommy, come look at us!"

And... my new appliances! I should say, "our" new appliances, but we all know I'm the queen of this castle, so they're really mine. Besides, I'll be using them the most - especially the one on the right. I couldn't get back far enough to get them both in one picture, so this is really two pictures made into a "collage" on my fancy photo software, which is why it looks a little funky. But you get the idea. Actually, except for the slight color difference, I think the collage turned out pretty darn good. The fridge is 3 cubic feet bigger than our old one. Visualize 3 cubic feet - it's a LOT of space! Like 6 more gallons of milk! Which is pretty much why we needed a bigger fridge - we drink 3 different kinds of milk in this house, and I end up going to the store for milk about twice a week because we just don't have room for all of it. And the range - yes, I think it's called a range, even though that sounds like 1952, and doesn't really even make sense. I am so excited to bake in this baby. I LOVE to bake. And our old oven was just bad news. For one thing, the temperature was wrong. I always had to set it about 25 degrees higher than the recipe called for. Not a big deal, just a little quirk I could live with. What I could not live with (though we did for the past 5 years), is the uneven baking. Everything I made in the oven would be VERY well done on the outside, and still gooey on the inside. Not good for cakes, pot pies, breads... yucky, yucky, yucky. NO MORE! Yesterday I made 4 loaves of zucchini bread (from frozen zucchini from last year's garden!). I baked them all at the same time, side by side all the way across, and they were all 100% evenly baked. And delicious. And perfect. And I'm in love, and my love of baking can be put to use once again.
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  1. hurray for new appliances that work well!!!! :)