Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March 1st (and February 23rd)


I am having a major case of stage fright. This is The Daily Grind Coffeehouse. I worked there for 6 years. Actually, I worked at what we called the "Baby Grind" - it was their 2nd location, but we had to close a few years ago because the big bad "Man" moved in down the street. (I'm not sure if that's true, but that's my opinion). My photos are now displayed inside this coffeehouse for the entire city of Elkhart to see - and anybody else who happens to come in, and believe me, they get customers from all over the world. Sometimes. But mostly from Elkhart. I've been having a touch of the butterflies for the last few days, but this morning I almost just said forget it, and didn't bring my stuff in. But, I'm a person who keeps her commitments, so I hauled my box of framed photos over there, heart pounding like mad, palms sweating. I've never done anything like this before. I was in a couple school plays (minor roles), and I absolutely HATED speech class, or anything that resembled giving a speech. But this is a little different. This is not me up on stage for a few minutes and then it's over. (Which, by the way, is much scarier for me than this) - This is me putting my work out there for all to see, for a whole month. I'm excited. I've been looking for an avenue for this. It helps to have a connection to this place. But, I'm nervous too. FYI - I am in no way fishing for compliments here... just trying to be honest.

And... I was looking through my "archives," and realized I missed a day last week. Not sure how that happened - oh wait, mother of 5 kids, yeah, that's probably it. Anyway, this is last Wednesday, February 23rd's picture. Coincidentally, that day I was working putting these little cards into individual plastic sleeves. They are also on display (and for sale!) at the Daily Grind. Right now. You could walk in there right now and buy these. So... if you want to visit the Daily Grind, they are at 113 E. Lexington Ave. They seriously have the best coffee. I only drink their coffee. I buy their beans so I can drink it at home every day. And they have really good food too. They are not paying me to say this.
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  1. neen - i hope that this is a wonderful month for you as your art is displayed!!!! that is so awesome! love you ~ e