Monday, February 28, 2011

February 26th

Saturday night we loaded up our van with friends and went to Goshen for the Empty Bowls event. I know they do similar things nation-wide, so you should check to see if there's on in your area. Local restaurants donate soups, and local clay artists donate hundreds of bowls. For $15 you get a bowl, soup, a cookie and a drink. Then you get to keep the bowl, and all the money goes to a local charity. 

Last year just Derrick and I went. Some of our friends went too, but we didn't coordinate with them, so they arrived just as we were leaving. It was miserably cold, and about half of the hour-and-a-half wait is outside. It wasn't the best time of our lives, but a year later I couldn't wait to go get another bowl. I LOVE my bowl! Besides, I broke Derrick's bowl, so we had to go replace it.

This year we planned better and just brought our friends with us. It was SO MUCH MORE FUN! For one thing, it wasn't as cold. It's February, and it's winter, but it wasn't miserable. And having friends around helped pass the time. 

I love this event. I love how different aspects of the community come together to raise money for a local organization that gives back to the community. Food service, artists, the farmer's market where the event is held, and the people who come to enjoy it all.

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