Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 25th


Yes, here we are appliance shopping again. But this isn't exactly a story about appliance shopping. It's a story of the Eubanks causing a ruckus at Lowe's. Three times in one shopping trip. We made the mistake of letting the girls have c-a-n-d-y before we left. We got to the store, and had basically picked out what we wanted, but ended up changing our minds after we got there (of course).

Incident #1: As we were discussing and comparing the pros and cons of the one we thought we wanted with the one we realized we wanted after all, the girls were running laps around us, and around the immediate aisles that we were standing it. And, suddenly the alarm starts going off, very loudly, and the girls come walking, looking guilty and covering their ears, away from the emergency exit. They'd apparently leaned on the door handle that sets off the alarm. We stood there looking shocked and embarrassed, for about 5 minutes before a store employee came over to turn the alarm off. FIVE MINUTES - is a long time to listen to a really loud fire alarm going off, especially if you're 4 and you're the one who made it go off.

Incident #2: Ok, so we picked out our appliances, blah blah blah. Then we had some electrical components to buy because we're switching from a gas stove to electric. So this is probably a half hour after the alarm incident, we're in the electrical aisle, and the girls are running laps up and down the aisle, and ... can you guess what happened? We hear a crash-boom-bang, look down the aisle, and see the girls both on the floor, along with one of those cardboard display box thingys that they'd knocked down, and all the contents on the floor. I don't even know what it was, some kind of electrical tools or something. I cleaned it up, and after that the girls were required to keep one hand on the cart at all times. No more monkying around. And they're grounded from candy/sweets/sugar for 2 weeks. I know, harsh, huh? It started out as one week. But after a while they got sick of holding onto the cart, and started getting an attitude, so it got increased to another week.

Incident #3: We finished shopping, bought our appliances (they're being delivered on Monday, so... stay tuned!) We're out in the parking lot, packing the kids into the van. La, la, la, I walk the cart (it was one of those "car" carts that make the kids feel like they're driving cars) over to the cart-return thingy in the parking lot, and walk my happy little way back to the van, excited about our new things, disappointed that we have to wait 3 days to have them, nervous about spending so much money. And a car alarm starts going off across the way from us. Apparently I did not put my cart all the way IN to the cart return. It was full. And it was a weird cart. So I just kind of left it sitting there right on the edge, because there was no way of getting it IN. And, I guess the parking lot is slightly on an incline (as apparently all parking lots are - have you ever had trouble unloading your groceries because the cart keeps rolling away? Happens to me all the time. Sorry, tangent). Anyway, the cart turned, rolled down the hill that doesn't look like a hill, and bumped into a car about 3 stalls away from the cart return. My hero husband did a good deed and put the cart properly away for me.

And that's the story of the Eubanks causing a ruckus at Lowe's.


  1. so in a sense, you did a hit and run with your car cart...hahaha...i love the details...felt like i was there with you. Can't wait to see your new beauties. Did you ever find out what the stove with oven was called?

  2. oh my gosh! I am glad your home safely now.

  3. oh. my. goodness. can i just say - i totally know how you felt????

    hope you have a great day today!