Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 26th & 27th


This is yesterday's picture. By the time the kids went to bed last night, I was super exhausted and couldn't do anything but go to bed early. Seriously, I turned off the light at 8:40. And I got a really good night's sleep! Then this morning was just busy, and I didn't get a chance to post. So...
Derrick got a deep fryer for Christmas. From me. It's awesome.
Last night I broke it out and made chicken nuggets. I've had the idea to make mozzarella cheese sticks for a while, so when the chicken was done, I broke apart some pieces of string cheese, rolled it in the flour breading mixture, and fried those babies up. And boy were they good! Better than the chicken. I ate 1 chicken nugget, and about 4 cheese sticks.

And today's picture - yes, more food! I guess I've been on a food thing this week. I have a ton to do tomorrow, including grocery shopping, which in itself is enough for one day. So to make tomorrow a little easier, I went to Kroger tonight after I put the kids to bed. And sometimes when I'm grocery shopping I like to reward myself with a teeny little treat. I love these little cheesecakes I find in the freezer section. The box comes with two tiny little slices. Enough to satisfy my dessert craving, but also small enough that I don't feel like I've pigged out. They sell plain, or cherry or strawberry. I really don't care for the fruit sauce stuff they put on top of cheesecakes. Too sweet for me. I like good old fresh fruit. So I bought the plain kind. I also bought a bag of frozen blueberries, because I like to eat them on my granola in the morning. So when I got home tonight, I dolloped a couple spoonfuls of frozen blueberries on top of my little slice of cheesecake, zapped it for a minute, and ... heavenly goodness. It was warm. I don't think cheesecake is supposed to be warm, but it didn't matter, it was magically delicious. And I kind of want to eat the other slice that's taunting me from the back of the fridge where I hid it so my kids hopefully won't find it. But I'll save it for tomorrow night.
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  1. Hmmm, you know I love me an order of cheestix or two.

  2. What a brilliant way to may cheese sticks! I will have to try that sometime! :)