Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25th

Ok, had to do two pics this time, because I have to show before and after.
And don't miss the funny story at the end. Well, it's funny to me.



I cleaned out my junk drawer today! It still doesn't look fantastic - I need a couple of those drawer organizer thingys, or maybe silverware trays to kind of keep things in order, but still, it looks a lot better, doesn't it? You can at least get the drawer open and closed without fighting with it! I didn't throw away a whole lot, mostly just PUT things away.

I wasn't planning on doing this today. I was looking for a charger. We have SO MANY cords - chargers and USB cords for every electronic device we've ever owned. I also cleaned out a couple tubs of cords, rolled everything up, tied with twisty-ties, and labeled with duct tape and a black sharpie. Well, I only ended up labeling two or three cords because I don't know what the rest of them are for! I need to ask around the family to see what they are, I guess. Anyway, the particular charger I was looking for was a universal one that came with 3 different tips so you can plug it into different things. I actually found the charger IN the junk drawer, but didn't find the tips until after everything was all cleaned and sorted. It was above the drawer, on a counter in the top part of the hutch, in the midst of ... more junk. Guess I need to clean off that counter space too. It's one of those spaces that I clean up and organize about once a month, and people just plop anything and everything down right there. We have a few of those spaces in our house, and they drive me crazy. I wish people would just put stuff away.

Oh yeah, Alyssa and I watched another sappy movie tonight.  This one was called Love Takes Wing (part of the same series of sappy movies we've been bonding over lately).  It was my least favorite so far. I don't know, seemed a bit boring or something. But the funniest thing happened. There was a minor character in the movie. He was only in about 2 scenes. And the first scene he was only in for a few seconds. I thought he looked like John Stamos, but I was pretty sure it wasn't. It was just such a quick scene that I couldn't tell. Then we saw him later in the movie, and I just kept thinking I'd seen him before somewhere. So I got online and looked up the movie, and found out his name is Kevin Scott Richardson. Anyone? Yeah, me either. So I clicked on his name to see what else he's been in, and guess what... HE'S A BACKSTREET BOY! Yeah. Totally cracked me up. I semi-liked the BSB's back in the day. Still secretly kinda like their old songs, in a nostalgic way. But I was never up on the who's who of the Backstreet Boys, so I am really surprised that he was so familiar to me. Turns out he was also "Bumper Car Driver" in the movie My Girl. Don't laugh at me for thinking it was John Stamos. I knew it wasn't, that's just all I could think of.

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  1. a BSB in one of those j.oake movies??? that's funny. :)

    and i know what you mean about the spots and the junk drawers . . . i hate those! i'm trying to organize things in this house so that we don't end up with those spots - but so far, i have 3 of them . . . a shelf, a drawer and a spot on the counter. :( maybe they'll go away. someday.

    i hope you have an awesome day today, neen. i love you.