Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 24th

I cooked and ate tofu for the first time in my life (sshhhh... don't tell my family!) I don't know if I did it right. I was making stir-fry. It was a package of frozen veggies and noodles that came with a packet of Teryaki sauce. I'm sure there's something unhealthy about it, since it came packaged all together. But, it's very easy, just throw it in a pan and heat it up. I usually put pork or chicken in this type of meal, but I decided to try tofu. I had some in the fridge just waiting for it's debut in the Eubanks home. I'm not sure how tofu is supposed to look or feel, or if there are different kinds. But the consistency of this particular block of tofu was similar to ricotta cheese. I just crumbled it into the pan with everything else. Nobody said anything (I expected turned up noses, and "what's this white stuff?") Everybody ate their dinner, and we had a great vegetarian meal packed with extra protein. I should mention that Derrick didn't have dinner with us, which is the only reason I got away with it.
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