Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28th

(this post includes a story about vomit. If you don't like it, don't read it.)

Oi. Friday's have really been kicking my butt. I got up before 6 to shower because I knew it would be a busy day and I probably wouldn't have time later. I went shopping at Aldi and to my son's doctor appointment in the morning. Got a nap while the kids were napping (thankfully!) I can't remember what I did between nap time and making dinner, but I did something. Oh yeah! I remember! I was cleaning up vomit. I was doing something in the kitchen (once again, can't remember what), when I heard my daughter screaming "MOM!" at the top of her lungs from the bathroom. I go running. She is on the toilet (#2), and full-on hurling right onto her lap, and onto the bathroom floor. Thankfully she was in the bathroom - it was much easier to keep everybody else out of it that way. And it was easy to throw her into the tub. I was tempted to throw her clothes away instead of cleaning them, but the shirt and jeans were some of her favorites, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I won't give you anymore gross details, but... there is something about cleaning up somebody else's puke or poop that makes me feel completely defiled. Even my own kids'. I remember throwing up as a kid, and never even seeing it get cleaned up, it just seemed to magically disappear. Now I know. Thank you mom and dad for the times you washed my pukey sheets, and the kitchen floor, and anything else I don't remember.

She threw up 2 more times throughout the afternoon and evening. Neither made the mess that the first one did, thankfully. But she spent the rest of the night on the couch watching cartoons.

After that first fiasco, I had to go make dinner... yeah. I didn't eat very much. But I have a house full of kids who need to eat, so I threw together some little mini-bagel pizzas and a salad. After dinner I brought the boys upstairs to play so they wouldn't pester Jayna. Sage came with me to help, because I also had some work to do getting our "guest room" ready for some visitors we're having this weekend. My parents are on their way here, hopefully to arrive around midnight tonight. I vacuumed their room, set up their bed. Put the boys to bed, made popcorn for Sage because I'd told her earlier that I would. Finished cleaning up the kitchen, made myself some tea, set up the coffee pot for the morning, then, around 8:00 FINALLY sat down. Watched cartoons with my girls for a while, and finished the popcorn that was left. I'm letting the girls sleep on the couches in the living room tonight. I'm hoping that the boys will sleep in a bit if the girls don't wake them up when they inevitably get up at 7:02 in the morning. If I can sleep til 8 in the morning I will be very happy.

Cheers to you if you read this entire story. I actually cut out a lot of boring details. I tend to ramble when I write, and then I have to pare down what I'm posting on the internet because not everybody cares about every minute detail of my day like I do.

Oh, one more quick story - this morning at the doctor's office, some punk kid pulled the fire alarm! We had to listen to that screeching alarm for about 10 minutes. I was mad. I'm pretty sure I and my children have permanent ear damage now.
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  1. Cleaning up puke is the worst! Makes me want to puke while i am doing it!

    Poor Jayna... I hope she feels better soon!

  2. its a good thing you'll have company soon...a sick girl just needs her grandparents. Hopefully that will do the trick. (i like hearing every detail!)

  3. oh, neen.

    yeah - i hate cleaning up vomit. i'm o.k. in the poop department - what with having had babies and having a dog . . . and now my job requires me to clean up lots o poop . . . just hold my breath, and get 'er done . . .

    i hope your weekend is really fun with your parents!

    i love you!