Monday, July 27, 2009

Shirley Temple? Nope, it's my Jayna

This is no big deal to my super-curly-haired husband, but to me, with my straighter than straight hair (along with EVERYONE in my family, and much of my extended family), it is amazing and unbelievably fascinating.

This first picture is of Jayna's beautiful curls right out of the tub, nicely combed.

This is me pulling one of the curls straight to see how long it actually is. It's abotu halfway down her back. Maybe longer than Sage's, if it were straight (Sage inherited my perfectly straight hair).

And here it is in the morning, dried, and with a little bit of bed head... Not even to her shoulders. This is what I have to deal with for the next, oh, 15 or 16 years. Can anybody help me???? It's beautiful, that's for sure. But what a mess!
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  1. No idea. My hair couldn't be more straight either and with YOUR family well, I'm sure we'll have the straightest haired baby ever known to man.