Monday, July 27, 2009

Road Trip

We took a little family day-trip on Saturday to the Toledo Zoo. It took close to 3 hours to get there, since we had to make a couple potty stops. We were hoping for 2-3 hours of the kids being good, but they FAR surpassed our expectations. The zoo was amazing, and we spent a solid SIX hours there. The kids walked pretty much the whole time, with a couple breaks to sit and re-fuel (eat). They were very well behaved (mostly), and they are now totally obsessed with animal books and animal shows on TV (I'm talking REAL animals, not little cartoony books or things like that).

So, here we are in the car, on the way to the zoo... many more pictures to come, I'll be working on this throughout the day. I took over 200 pictures. Obviously I won't be posting them all, but I'll probably do it in segmants, of the different sections of the zoo.

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  1. you and derrick. ah so cute. glad he's still looking at the road though. That's so cool you guys took the road trip! and Glad the kids were good for you! I'll want to see more of the pics when we get out there.