Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On This Date

I'm playing a new game started by a fellow blogger, whose blog I read. On this date in 2004 I was...

Well, I found my pictures from 2004, but there is not a single picture from February! So I'm going with January. Close enough.

Tubing at Ferretti Baugo Park (for the longest time I thought it was Freddy Baugo). I'm not actually IN this picture, I must have been taking it. But, these are (or were) my friends. Most of them I do not see anymore.

The Tubing Train... that was cool. I think I was taking the picture again, and wasn't IN the train, but I WAS there that day, I promise.

Here I am, warming by the cozy fire. That was a really fun day.


  1. yay, lovely memory. Thanks for playing along.

  2. That's a great photo of you. I'll have to add to this funness...another friend was doing the 6th pic in the 6th folder, but i'm never at home while i'm on this thing...i'll have to make it a point to do so!

  3. oh, fun! i'm going to be playing, too. *smile* my first photo will be up on sunday. this is going to be fun! and i can just imagine some camp photos finding their way out . . . if we go back far enough . . .