Saturday, February 14, 2009


So, I went to the grocery store today, and right next to the store is Good Will - and it's 50% off day. Lately I have been totally addicted to thrifting. I can hardly drive past a thrift store without pulling in "just for a minute" turns into a half hour, usually. Anyway, so I went in and here is my prize find: I've been wanting a jewelry box for a while. My stuff is piling up on my dresser and it's sloppy. Usually the ones I find are either too expensive (my standards of "expensive" are pretty frugal - anything over $5, no thanks). BUT, you can imagine anything UNDER $5 is usually pretty junky. Anyway, I found THIS - notice the price sticker in the corner? $5! And it was 50% off day!Go Me! It's weird, I feel like I've beaten "the Man" when I get a deal like this. Like "HA HA, you can't make me." Anyway, just wanted to show off.

And showing off again, Alyssa did Sage's hair so cute today, so I made her pose for a picture. She looks like a mini pre-teen.

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  1. cool find. i need to get a necklace jewwlry box...just they can all hang. We went and worked out. it was a good time. still waiting on hearing from andrew. Sages hair looks great! happy V-day gals!

  2. i also LOVE thrifting! the end of last week i found a red corduroy bedspread for $1! pictures will be coming on my blog.

    your jewelry box is very pretty!

    and your little girls are all so cute!

    (p.s. i blogged about the hotwater bottles one more time!)

  3. Yeah, Jake and I have Yoga mats and a few videos, but I get lazy at home...we need to be more diligant with that....I'll have to get Jake to set it up on Wed. nights before we watch Lost. Fun times. thanks for the reminder.