Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Day

Derrick had the brilliant idea to make dinner for the family for V-day instead of the usual card, flowers, candy thing. It was awesome. I would take that over mushy hallmark stuff any day. He planned the meal, bought the groceries he needed for it, cooked AND washed the dishes! Now that's romantic.
Our feast: Derrick's famous spaghetti pie, garlic toast, and spiked Cola... yum, yum.
And... these are my tomato plants! Spring is coming! Last year we planted REALLY late and didn't have tomatoes til the middle of August, so I swore I was going to plant in February this year. I did, only about a week ago, and already we have 1-2" sprouts! The seeds came from a Roma tomato we grew last year. Oh yeah. We also planted some other things - cucumber, cantelope, squash, pumpkin, corn, red bell peppers, green chili peppers... probably more, but I can't think of what off the top of my head. YEA FOR SPRING!
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  1. You are right about the meal over a hallmark card! Way to go Derrick!

    Oh to live somewhere a little warmer so I could hope for spring sooner. Actually I like MN, no need to complain. We are thinking about starting our plants soon as well. Not till mid march though. Have you grown all those veggies/melons before? Can you believe that we have a problem with deer even though we live IN TOWN? We have a nice "highway" for those munchers in the snow that crosses right over where our garden is! They weren't a problem until the end of the summer though. We are going to price electric fences out. But then what to do about the little creatures? Mark is going to set live traps and dine on rabbits and squirrel this summer, so he says. And he will if we catch any. Oh boy. It is fun to start thinking spring, summer, gardens though! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. you lucky lady!

    i love it when ben cooks for us. he does breakfast lots of saturdays. it's such a treat!

    and i should start thinking about my garden, too. though it's hard to think of gardening when we are getting fresh snow - 4 inches of it on friday.

  3. jake will be so jealous/proud of your graden...he wants one so bad...