Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Making Snowflakes

Thanks Teri for the idea! I forgot all about making paper snowflakes until I saw my friend Teri's blog, with a picture of her son, and the floor littered with paper scraps. How fun! My kids are finally old enough (2 and 3) to be able to do fun things like little crafts and things like that. Sage is definitely more capable at most things than Jayna, but Jayna gets into it when everyone else is into it.

So, this morning I taught them how to make paper snowflakes. Neither of them is very experienced with "paper scissors" (as Sage calls them). Sage has used them at school a couple times, but this was Jayna's first time.

Look at those looks of concentration!!

(once again, the pics are dark and pixely looking because of having to use my camcorder as a camera). But to be honest, I'm thankful to have SOMETHING that takes pictures, even if it's not my dream camera.


  1. Your welcome Jeannine! I love how Sage's (did I get that right?) tongue sticking out!!! :)

  2. i love how the tongue always helps make things easier....smiles. see ya soon.

  3. I cannot WAIT to see them in person.

  4. hey neen!

    my kiddos called scissors 'snips' for a long time . . . :o)

    hope your christmas preparations are coming along nicely! and that you will have safe and fun travels!