Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Miracle

I just had to share this story...
Last night I had a really bad headache. It was a migraine, and it came on fast and strong, and within a few minutes I was on the couch with an ice pack on my neck, and took some extra strength Tylenol, although by that point I figured it was too late for the Tylenol to have much effect. It felt like a balloon was being blown up inside my head and was pushing out on the inside of my skull. Derrick had to run to the store, and Alyssa took the little girls upstairs to play so they wouldn't bother me (she can be so sweet). After about a half hour Sage came back downstairs. I could hear her talking to herself, so I called her over to me and asked her to pray for my headache. She's really good at praying for people when they're sick, but you know, sometimes no matter how much you pray, headaches just take time to go away, right? Well, she came and put her hand on my arm and said "Dear Jesus, please make Mommy's head all better. Amen." I'm not kidding, within about 5 seconds that "balloon" inside my head deflated. The headache was gone. I still felt some stiffness in my neck and shoulders, but the actual migraine headache was completely gone, and stayed gone for the rest of the night. I thought that was pretty awesome, and Sage thought it was pretty exciting too.


  1. Sage brings tears to my eyes.
    Grandma M

  2. sage. yes. i love it. seriously, kids are the best people to pray - they generally have more faith than us cynical adults. that's awesome.

    love the new template/colors, by the way. say hi to the girls (and derrick) for me.