Friday, April 18, 2008


I felt it! I felt the earthquake! Wow. I didn't know it was an earthquake. I thought it was a train. Anyone who knows where I live will understand. Actually, anyone who lives in Elkhart will understand, but the tracks go right behind my house! Anyway, so here's my story for those of you who haven't heard it.

I was in bed and the bed started shaking. More like vibrating, very gently. It was enough to wake me up, and I thought "that's strange. Trains don't usually make the bed shake like this. I don't hear a train. Why can't I hear a train? Why is the bed shaking? This is so weird." Well, then it stopped and I pretty much went back to sleep and didn't think anything about it until I was talking to Derrick on the phone during his lunch break.

He asked me if I felt the earthquake this morning. I thought he was joking at first. He said the kitchen cabinet door was rattling and he thought it was from a train too, but didn't see or hear a train either. He opened it, expecting to see a rat or something! But nothing. Then he went to turn on the news and they said "breaking news... there has just been an earthquake." He's telling me this story, and suddenly I remembered the shaking bed. It wasn't a train, it was the earthquake! It's amazing, actually, since I've been talking about miracles lately, how such a thing can happen so far away. It was something like 350 miles south of Chicago, so somewhere around that distance from here, probably a little farther, and everyone in this area felt it unless they slept through it. That's phenomenal (as in "phenomenon" - ha ha). Anyway, I just feel pretty cool, living in the midwest, having experienced an earthquake, even though it was so mild that I thought it was a train. I've never felt an earthquake before, so I'm excited.

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