Friday, August 10, 2012

The Eubanks: Unplugged: S1:E4

August 10, 2012

1. boys slept til 8 this morning! it's rare they sleep past 7, so it was pretty luxurious. A year ago, it was rare for them to sleep past 6, so I'm even happy with 7!

2. 2yo has come down with a cough/cold, so we're all on a "hot lemonade" regimen today (hot water with lemon juice and honey - kinda like tea but without the tea!)

3. I was worried that last night's spicy food would affect me negatively today. So far it hasn't. Here's hoping.

4. trying to stuff a sippy cup into the fridge, a pint-size tub of yogurt displaced onto the floor and bottom of the fridge.

5. Took 4 kids ages 2,3,6 & 7 to the grocery store. Nuff said? I think so.

6. Eucalyptus oil smells like cough drops. {Rub it on feet to help stop coughing}

7. Sad to say, when my "bull-in-a-china-shop" kid is sick... the whole day seems much easier!

8. 5yo lost another tooth. 3 out of 5 teeth have been "bumped" out before they were ready. Poor girl is starting to look like an old lady!

9. Me: "What's in your mouth?"
 2yo: "My booger."

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