Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strawberry Pests

This is about twice as many strawberries as I got last year. Not kidding. My kids LOVE going out to my teeny little strawberry patch and eating this sweet fruit when it's as fresh as possible. Unfortunately, the slugs in my garden usually get to them before they're quite ripe enough to pick. And after the slugs have bored holes through the berries, the roly-poly's (pillbugs?) go in and devour anything that might be left. I did some research on how to keep slugs off the berries, and I tried salt. It worked very well. The first time. This is the beautiful batch I picked the morning after applying the salt. Ripe, and untouched by slugs (except the one on the far left, you can see it has a little hole in the side). I felt the need to reapply salt every time I watered, so I only watered them about every other day. And I think the "less water" combined with salt killed them. Now the leaves are all brown and withered around the edges, there's not much fruit, and the berries that are there are small and wilty looking. So... not sure what to do next. Any ideas?

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