Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Awesome Hubby Made A Picnic Table

Wow, was it really EASTER the last time I posted here? Yikes. Facebook really is taking over the world. Anyway, on to the current post. We've had a rotten old junky picnic table taking up space in our yard for the last few years. Derrick decided it was time to have a new one, and we need one big enough for our large family. He researched building plans, and found this one, which he liked because it's extra long (8 ft). He used pressure treated pine, which is recommended in the plans. It was REALLY HEAVY at first, but it's lightened up quite a bit since. I think maybe it's drying out?
It took about one full day to build the table, not counting the shopping for lumber. And WE LOVE IT! We eat dinner outside every night that is weather permitting. 


  1. very nice!
    i'm pretty sure we have the same one!
    i'm glad you're enjoying suppers outside. we need a bit of a fence or something to block the wind - most evenings our supper would blow right off our table if we tried to eat outside - we're going to work on a remedy for that. :)