Thursday, February 23, 2012

Potty Boot Camp: Conclusion

Well... I'm sad to say, we didn't make the monumental change that I had hoped for last week. The boys do great at home, but we can't stay home 100% of the time. I dropped them off at the YMCA child care yesterday while I swam laps. I even put the plastic covers over their underwear, thinking that if they did pee, it wouldn't make a huge mess. I picked them up an hour later to find Tez in different pants. They said he peed his pants and apparently the plastic covers didn't cover. They also said I'd have to put him in a pull up from now on, or they'd call me to come clean him up. This was actually the 2nd time they've told me this, they must have forgotten about the first time - it was a few weeks ago. I got home and discovered that Juan had also peed his pants, but they didn't notice it because he didn't have very much leakage.


I really really really don't want to do pull ups anymore. I really don't. But it seems I either have to do it, or stop going to the Y for a while. I don't want to do that either.

The other bit of discouragement is nap time. I've been putting the plastic covers on them for naps, and almost every time, they've both peed during their nap, which is expected at this point. Yesterday I put a pull up on them for their nap, because I felt tired of wet underwear. They both stayed completely dry. WEIRD. Today, however, they both pooped in their pull ups. So I had to change 2 poopy diapers today, and I feel like I'm back to square one.

So, maybe I'll have to suck it up for naps and just keep them in plastic-covered underwear. It's really not a big deal to have to change wet underwear, it just gets kind of mentally draining. And maybe I'll only go to the Y twice a week for a while instead of 3 times like I have been, to limit the pull-up experience.

On the bright side... the boys are growing in other ways. Yesterday I had the girls doing tons of chores because we'd had a busy weekend, which equals an extra-messy house. Tez wanted to help, so he helped Sage carry the kitchen recycling out to the bin, and he helped unload the dishwasher by sorting the silverware. He did pretty well, except in true Tez form, he wanted to make each piece into a drum stick and just beat on things.

With the potty difficulties, it's nice to see them becoming more independent in other ways. Does anybody else struggle with the idea of wanting your children to grow up? Right now my girls are at such a perfect age, and I want them to stay there forever. In fact, they could have stayed in the 3-5 range forever. But I'm so worn down by the toddlers, that I have a hard time really concentrating on enjoying my girls as much as I want to. I really have a hard time with toddlerhood, and I'm ok with wishing it would go faster. I wish the girls would slow down, and the boys would speed up at the same time.

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  1. oh, neen. it's crazy, isn't it. i have times of wishing my kiddos would slow down, too. they do grow so fast!

    your two little guys are busier than my kiddos ever were. and i used to get really tired out when they were both toddlers. the potty thing - i know you are tired of pull-ups/diapers, but it should, sometime, just click for them. it should. (i have nephews who were going on 4 and 5 before they totally got the potty thing . . . i don't know what makes the difference . . . )

    anyway, no great advice, just empathy.
    love you,