Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crazy Things My Kids Do

Hello, 2012! I was thinking it would be fun this year to do a series on "Crazy Things My Kids Do." It won't be every day, and it won't be every post, but whenever the opportunity arises, I will do it. Which means I have to remember to run for the camera during those crazy moments.

Sometimes I feel like I live at the zoo. This past year has been full of lots of poop, and I'm really hoping to see a LOT LESS poop this year. The youngest two are in the (very slow) process of potty training, so by the end of the year I'm hoping they'll both be doing their business on the toilet, and cleaning up after themselves (read: wiping their own butts!). But even without the poop, my kids still do crazy things. And admittedly, it's mostly the boys. Mostly the one boy. So here goes...

This first picture is from last Wednesday. Somehow Tez got a hold of a brand new tube of toothpaste. He had pooped his pants (here we go with the poop), and I was in the bathroom cleaning him up, and I think he must have grabbed the toothpaste on his way out the door without me realizing it (I was a bit distracted from cleaning the poopy underwear - man, just can't get away from it). I sent him upstairs to get clean clothes, and I went up a little later to find him like this, along with little squirts of toothpaste all over the room. I'll be honest, I had a mommy meltdown moment.

And, this is from today. It's fish food. An entire jar of fish food dumped on the floor, rug, and of course, the bat cave. I guess Tez thought batman was hungry? I don't know. I have no good story that goes along with this one. I was in the kitchen making myself some lunch. The boys were being good and quiet (a dead giveaway), I went to check on them, and this is what I found. I did not have a meltdown this time. But I was frustrated.
I took the boys to their first gymnastics class at the Y this morning. Tez LOVED it. Juan was ok with it, but I had to very strongly encourage him to try everything. He just wanted to run around. But they had a good time, and I think they'll do better the more they go and get used to what everything is. I was hoping it would be a way for them to burn some energy (especially Tez), but it's a pretty laid back class and not too physically exerting. Maybe next time we'll do swimming.

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  1. I so want to find a gymnastics class...just keep putting it off. Now i'm motivated. Looking forward to more posts.