Sunday, November 27, 2011

October 22-31

End of October, yay! It's been a very busy fall for me. I've slowed down in the last 2 weeks though, got caught up on some things around the house, and am finding myself with some free time in the evenings. (gasp! free time?!? seriously?!?) Not exactly free. There are things I COULD and probably SHOULD be doing - like cleaning the floors or something. But that's boring. I'd rather blog. :)

So, when last we left, we were at Pumpkin Day. My mom and dad came down for the weekend of Fall break. The Saturday after pumpkin day I had the opportunity to do a family photo shoot on the campus of Notre Dame. I'd been on the campus a couple times, but never had the chance to really walk around and see how beautiful it is. It is beautiful. See here for an upwards shot of the famous Golden Dome.

10.22.11 - Sage and G-ma Mary at ND, it was a beautiful fall day. I love this picture, they're so cute!

Later that afternoon we took the kids to the park. Love these funny girls. 

10.23.11 - trying to learn about histograms. boring. :/

10.31.11 - Trick-or-Treat! This year the boys were big enough to do their own trick-or-treating. It was so fun seeing them get into it. I had to help them at the first 2 houses, and after that they were off and running. They were kind of in awe that they could just walk up to someone's house and get candy. And I have to admit that as a parent, trick-or-treating is kind of weird, isn't it? I never thought about it as a kid, but once a year you put a costume on your kids, take them knocking on doors begging for candy? So weird. Recently I was teaching the girls about how you're never supposed to take candy from strangers, and if a stranger invites you to their house to give you candy or cookies, you should tell them that you have to go home and ask your mom first. Sage said "Except when you're trick-or-treating, right?" I felt awkward, but my answer was, "well, yes, mommy and daddy are with you when you're trick-or-treating." Which is true. But it's still weird.

I can't believe I'm just now blogging about Halloween. If it weren't so close to the end of the year, I'd give up altogether on this picture-a-day mumbo jumbo. I've all but given up on it already, I only actually have pictures for about 12 days a month. But I'm going to persevere and continue the facade of picture-a-day for the rest of this year. So stay tuned, November is here.

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