Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 2-9

Picture-A-Day: Here we go. Hopefully I can finish up November in time for December. It's fun writing about my family again. I've missed this. It's hard to believe how much they've grown in a year.

11.2.11 - I got to go on the Kindergarten field trip to Kercher's Farm with Jayna. SO FUN! She's so beautiful.

11.3.11 - I'm pretty sure this is the day I got my new camera because I have 85 pictures from that day. It was hard to choose, because there were some fun ones. This one cracks me up though.

 11.4.11 - Watching SYTYCD (know what that stands for?), practicing their moves.

 11.5.11 - who knew you could still harvest fresh spinach in November?? Thank Bill Gates for spell check because I always spell spinach wrong.
11.7.11 - I had a photo shoot at this park in the late afternoon. It was right after the time change so we forgot how early it would start getting dark! I like how the lights are reflecting on the water.

11.9.11 - You might not know this, but Derrick played Tuba and Trombone in high school. I guess lately he's had an itch to play music again, because he decided to buy a trumpet. It's more melodic than the Tuba, not to mention much smaller, lighter, and less expensive. So far he can play Happy Birthday. It reminded me of my friend Heidi's dad (hi Heidi!) who used to play Happy Birthday on the trumpet at every birthday. He probably still does, for all I know!  I had forgotten all about that until Derrick busted it out. What fun.

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  1. That is so cool you remembered! He DOES still play the trumpet for birthdays! Since the birth of the grandkids it seams like he actually practices before too, so he has gotten pretty good at that song, not so much others. Every year Katie keeps saying she will have to pick up the trumpet again so someone will be able to play it for his birthday - or sadly someday when he is no longer with us. Heidi