Friday, July 08, 2011

July 1st and July 5th

Ok, I unintentionally lied. I did take a few pictures on Friday of our camping trip, I totally forgot. As I mentioned in the previous post, it started thunderstorming Thursday evening, and continued to do so for most of the next 24 hours. It was not fun. We woke up to a little break in the rain on Friday morning, but dark clouds were looming. So at 8am we decided to run a few errands, since we couldn't really do anything at the campground. We had forgotten a bunch of stuff at home, so we went home to get those things. Then we went to Martin's to get donuts, then Derrick drove us through the train yard where he works. Sage and Alyssa hadn't been there yet (Alyssa still hasn't). So, we drove around and around and around looking at trains and watching the clouds. It's kind of a blur in my memory, but I think it might have rained off and on throughout the morning? We decided to take the kids to McDonald's for lunch, so they could run around in the play land. So much for vacation, huh? Wake up the first morning and go run errands and take the kids to McDonalds - blah. Thankfully, it cleared up around supper time Friday evening and the rest of the weekend was perfect.


And this is the basil I got from the farm. Our usual pick up day is Friday, but since we were "on vacation" I had to wait til Tuesday to get mine. I didn't want the basil to go bad before I was able to use it, so I decided to hang it to dry. I love fresh basil, but I have to admit, I'm having a hard time using everything I get from the farm. I'm not complaining, I just need to get more used to it. I'm kind of in a routine of what I'm used to buying and making, and I need to get out of that rut.

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