Friday, July 22, 2011

July 18th and 19th

Sage's first "still life." Derrick brought a small sunflower in from the garden, I put it in a vase and on the dining room table, and Sage said, "I'm gonna paint this flower!" I think she did a pretty darn good job!

We finally moved the girls into their own room! Well, the two of them share the room, but before they were sharing the big room with the two boys. So now they're in a pink room, without any babies. And the boys have their own room, with all the toys in it. The girls loving being able to go in their room whenever they want, not having to worry about whether somebody is sleeping. And the boys can now move freely from the living room, up the stairs to their bedroom, which makes them much happier too. They've been confined to the living room since they started crawling, and they've been itching to explore more of the house, but we just haven't been ready to let them loose. Oh, and I should mention, this picture was taken before we moved the bunk beds. The first night I put the mattresses on the floor so they could sleep in there, the next morning Derrick moved the beds in.

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