Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 14th-16th


Thursday. 4.14.11. Found this little nest in the yard under our big tree. :( hope everyone's alright.

Friday. 4.15.11. Oops. No pictures from Friday. I will tell you, the most exciting thing we did was watch the movie Despicable Me. Very cute, funny, heart warming movie. I think I even cried a little at the end. 

Saturday. 4.16.11. You may remember back in the fall I shared about a music program at Jayna's preschool. Well, Saturday morning they had another little sing-along at Goshen College. These things are so much fun. I think it's so neat, this college music department has world-renowned artists performing there, and then they put on this wonderful program for local kids in the Head Start program. I am just so impressed with it. Anyway, this is Jayna having a bad attitude, not wanting to go onstage with the other kids.


  1. I totally cried at Dispicable Me! Love that movie!

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