Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 19, 20, 21, & 22

(I am WAY behind!)

Saturday: YIKES! That's only 3/4 of a tank too. There is no doubt in my mind it would be over $100 if it had been a full tank. Thankfully, that will probably last us a few weeks.It's pretty painful.

Sunday: This picture isn't about Sunday. I just took it on Sunday because I needed a picture of the day. I did a couple photo shoots for a non-profit organization in my community. My friend Robyn happens to work there too. They got a grant from United Way, and UW asked them to submit some photos of their organization "in action," so they asked me to come take some for them. I'll post some of them over on my other blog soon. Anyway, they gave me this gorgeous locally made clay bowl. It makes a perfect fruit bowl on my dining room table, and I'm totally in love with it. It goes well with my eclectic collection of clay bowls we've started gathering from the Empty Bowls events. I love pottery. Good, handmade stuff.

Monday: What an adorable little face, huh? I can hardly believe he's almost 2. Jayna was getting ready for school, and little J decided to be "big" and try on her backpack.

How many of you struggle, as I do, with paper clutter??? If you have kids in school - even just one - you probably know what I'm talking about. If you have more than one kid in school, I swear it multiplies exponentially. It is unreal. I am trying to come up with a system to hang on to those papers we'll be needing soon, but not exactly right now. For example - child has a field trip coming up next month. Child brings home a paper with details about the field trip. I want to save the paper, but where? Stick to the fridge, along with a hundred thousand other things? Lay on the pile on my desk, along with a hundred thousand other things? On top of the microwave? On top of the dishwasher? Well, one of those places is probably where it'll end up in my house, but then when the time comes for the field trip and I need to know the details, I won't be able to find the paper. Same with doctor reminder cards, parent teacher conference schedules, and any other upcoming events. I can't file or throw them away yet, because I still need them. But in the meantime, they need a home. So, I found these little pop-out folders, and put a name on each one. Each person in the family has their own folder so when it's time for the event, I'll know just where each paper is. Now if I can just make sure the folders don't get lost...
Frankly, I wish every organization I'm a part of would offer the option of paperless communication. School and government in particular. (Actually, all of my bills are paperless, and I also pay them online, so that's great.) I would MUCH rather have everything emailed to me, then I could create virtual folders on my computer. No more paper. But, alas, even though computers and the internet have been around for like 15 years, for some reason the government still wants to rely on paper.


  1. you should be VERY thankful that gas is so cheap in indiana. we are paying 3.64 a gallon in WI!

  2. oh, the government and paper.
    we chart everything on paper at work - on more than one piece of paper . . . so the RN can then go enter it into the computer - but the papers all get stored . . . somewhere . . . too. what a hassle and a waste!

  3. gas is about the same here (or was on Saturday). I had 20 cents off/gallon with my Kroger card, which is why it was a little less.