Friday, March 18, 2011

March 17th

Thursday was a WONDERFUL day. It got into the 70's. I broke out the bare feet, painted my toe nails, and let those babies breathe in the fresh spring air. They were in heaven.

But that's not the only thing that was wonderful about Thursday. I got to do my first maternity photo shoot. And I'm REALLY EXTREMELY happy about the way the pics turned out. Conditions were perfect for doing outside pictures because it was just slightly overcast - just enough so the sun wasn't glaring or casting harsh shadows. My friend Ashley's baby is due on Easter this year, which happens to also fall on MY birthday. In all my (almost) 33 years, this is the first time I can remember my birthday falling on Easter. I'm going to let her see her pics first, but hopefully she'll let me post a handful of them, because I'm excited about them.

Would you believe there's even more awesomeness to add to the list? First a little back story - we have 2 foster sons who we've had since birth. One is 23 months, the other is 18 months. Thursday we went to our attorney's office to sign petitions for adoption. It's not the adoption itself, it's basically the first real step. We've been working for a few months with DCS and our attorney gathering paperwork. The petitions we signed on Thursday will be sent to court. They basically say, "we want to adopt these kids, please," only they use a lot of legal jargon which is why we hired a lawyer - she speaks legalese. So even though it doesn't really change anything for the moment, it felt like a big, exciting step. We've decided what we're going to name them and everything. I'm not telling on the internet, so don't ask. (We're not changing their first names).

AND THEN to top it all off, Derrick decided after dinner that he needed to make an ice cream run. So he and Alyssa went to Culver's and brought ice cream back for us. I love Culver's better than DQ. It's technically "frozen custard," not "ice cream," and it is amazing.

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day. We don't celebrate it. No reason, we just never do anything. I'm even Irish!
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  1. You don't even wear green....That's where jake gets it from...grrr you ulasiches! Love this post, can't wait to hear all the new news....and excited for your photography.!