Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 12 & 13

Yesterday I cleaned out my dining room. It doesn't look much different today, but I spent several hours sorting through things and throwing away (actually recycling) a lot of papers and full coloring books.
In the process, I found a package of pirate tattoos, and the girls just kind of went nuts with them. They have tattoos all over their bodies. It's funny.

Ok, this is a video, and I hope it loads right, because it's adorable. It's my son, having a fit of the giggles right before bed.
Our friends, John and Tiffany Hall, had us over for fondue tonight. It was so fun, and so yummy. They are such good friends, and I am so thankful for them. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera. So I figured I'd use my phone, but I totally forgot. I had fantasies about getting some really awesome shots of the fondue pot with all the sticks resting on the sides, beer-battered food bubbling in the hot oil - you can almost taste it now, can't you? Well, since I didn't take a picture, I hope I created one in your mind. Now I smell like greasy food, and it makes me want some more fried cheese! Might have to break out the fryer this week. 
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  1. That was fun. Your kids are awesome. Can't wait till Derrick is home and we can do another one.

  2. LOVE The video of J. love the pics of the others..and congrats on straightening up your dining area. It feels good to organize.