Friday, February 11, 2011

February 10th & 11th

How can you not love this. This is one of the most precious things in my life. I love this little boy.
Right now I can not remember anything about Thursday. Oh, I remember going to Kroger at 8:00 last night, and getting home at 9:45, unloading groceries, and eating a bowl of microwavable soy ginger Asian noodles. They were ok, but a bit disappointing, now that I'm used to Lucky's. I should have known, anything that comes in shrink-wrapped plastic, in a microwavable bowl... can't be that good. What I really wanted was sushi.

I think the reason I can't remember yesterday is that today was so packed full that it feels like a week. Once again, Friday has prevailed in the butt-kicking. Thankfully school started at the normal time. As soon as Sage was off to school, I packed up the 3 remaining children and we went to Menards and bought these shelves. I'm tired of the lack of organization and storage in my house. Everything feels cluttered and out of place. So I'm slowly making changes. After Menards we ran a few more errands, then to a dr. appointment, then home for lunch and naps. While the kids were napping I put these babies together and filled them up. Now my basement looks like a somewhat-organized dungeon.
I made Philly Cheesesteak in the crockpot, but by dinner time nobody was left at home who would appreciate it, so I begged a favor and got a friend to bring me a Little Ceasar's pizza. So, maybe we'll have Philly Cheesesteak tomorrow. It's ok, I forgot to get the buns out of the freezer anyway.
Oh, and tonight my beautiful and wonderful friend Tiffany came over, and we gabbed, drank tea, ate crackers, drank more tea, did a page or two of our scrapbooks (which by the way, I last left of at Sage's 2nd birthday - she's almost 6). Then we prayed for each other, our families, some friends. It's so good to socialize with another woman after drowning in the ocean of children all week.
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