Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10th

today's pic-a-day was a no brainer.
I think every kid does this at some point.
My 4-year-old still does, but now it's on purpose because she thinks it's funny.
I was in the bathroom, starting the bath for the boys.
As I'm getting things situated, T-man leans over the side of the tub and dives in like he just can't wait to go swimming.
It didn't even phase him, and he threw a fit when I pulled him out to undress him.
I tried to leave him in there, but it turns out he had a #2, so I couldn't very well take care of that in the tub.
Well, I could have, but that would just be gross.

I was going to post the pic of me taking down our Christmas decorations, because that was kind of significant today, but this one trumped. It's much cuter anyway. :)
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  1. what a funny guy! why would a kiddo want to be in the tub in all his clothes? i would think that wouldn't feel so good . . .