Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Road Trip (part 5)

Our Day in Utah

We had a VERY busy day, trying to cram all of Salt Lake City into one day.
We spent the majority of the day on a hike at Twin Lakes, which is about a half hour from Jake and Cassie's house.  It was a tough hike, and even I almost didn't make it.  But the kids were real troupers, and everybody made it to the top!

Taking a break
Finally made it to the top for a beautiful view!
"The Hills are Alive"
After our hike (and a nap) we headed to downtown SLC to cram in some more adventures.
A visit to the Mormon temple
Uncle Jake was in a play at the local theater in downtown SLC.
 It was SO FUN to see him up on stage. 

We all laughed and laughed! 

And that sums up our day in Utah!  
Up next... Adventures in Yellowstone!


  1. i like the pic of you in the field of green, and the family pic in the cute.

  2. I love em! Picture wise, this is my favorite segment you have posted so far.