Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Road Trip (Part 1)

We spent the last 2 weeks living out a van and sleeping in a tent (mostly). We looped from Indiana to Salt Lake City, and back again, taking a different route there and back. I think I took about 1500 pictures. Definitely over 1000. Don't worry, I won't be posting them all. I'll just do some highlights, one leg-of-the-journey at a time.

Indiana to Missouri
The drive was boring. I won't bore you with pictures of that (just wait til we get to Kansas). The most exciting thing was probably crossing the Mississippi.

visiting Aunt Alli in KCMO

Alli showed us around her town, taking us to the fountains

and the Cheesecake Factory

Breakfast the next morning at our campsite

This was cool to drive by. The night before, it was all lit up and full of people, but I didn't have my camera ready, so this was the best I could do.
Missouri is HOT and HUMID 24/7. But it's a surprisingly pretty state to drive through. Lots of green rolling hills. I had no idea.

Alli took us to this water park, which was a great way to spend a 95 degree day! I didn't bring my camera in though, because we spent the day getting wet! Had a great time though.

After a long day of fun in the sun, we went to dinner at Joe's. We'd never been there before, so it was a fun treat.

Alli and Derrick shared a pot of crab

Chillin at the campsite in the evening.

And that's all for now... Stay tuned for the next episode, Missouri to Colorado.


  1. Fun memories! Great pic of Alyssa by the fire. Very cool! Your family looks like your always having so much fun!

  2. love the pics. my fav is the one of Alyssa hugging her aunt. Way to capture the moment.

  3. WOW! What a road trip! It looks like fun so far!

    I love the new look to the blog too! :)

  4. what a trip!

    i would so love to just pick up and go on a trip with my family . . . maybe next summer. :)

    hugs to you!

  5. agree with the pic of alissa and the aunt...NIce shots with your nifty camera. ...can't wait to see more. ...then again i can wait, but looking forward to seeing more...that is more accurate.