Thursday, August 27, 2009

Random Happenings

Here's a super cutie of my girls - this was at the zoo last Saturday. Yes, we went to the zoo, AGAIN.
It was a IBEW (union) picnic. It was a rainy, yucky day, but we braved it anyway.
I won't bore you with more pictures of animals, just really liked this one:
"mom, can we go play in the rain?" I said yes. But by the time they got out, the rain had stopped, so they turned on the sprinkler and ran around on the faux slip-n-slide we made since ours broke.
Oh, here's a good one. I've been teaching Sage to clean the bathroom. Yep, that's right. She still doesn't know it's a horrible chore yet. She begs me to let her clean the toilet! HA HA, so funny!
And the other day, they discovered the halloween costumes, and surprised me with their scary ROAR's! The lion costume is one Jayna wore 2 years ago! See how short it is on her legs and arms?
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  1. sup with the eye liner was my first thought, but really that is an awesome pic. I'll have to get that one on my comp at home and print it! I love that Sage likes that job, it always used to scare me, but you think about it, it's just her size!

  2. I love the short costumes. We have a lion one that I am sure has to cause a little pain when Parker puts it on.
    They had slip n slides on sale at Meijer for $3 something. This was 3 weeks ago.
    Tell Jayna we said happy birthday.