Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jayna

Three years ago today:

Jayna Jasmine was born at 4:16am.

Here she is today, 3 years old:

and here she is a couple days ago when I was doing laundry - this is a true reflection of her goofy personality:

Her personality is so different than mine, that I actually admire her, which seems strange - for a mother to admire her daughter. But she has strength and determination that I never had. Her will is strong, and I know that she will get whatever she wants out of life. And that makes me proud.


  1. Cute! Happy Birthday Jayna. I'll call ya later - Love, G'ma Mary

  2. I knew it was getting close! Happy Birthday!

    Auntie Fawnda

  3. I'll call later too...her personality reminds me of your brother..giggles. she's awesome, adn beautiful...i like how you posted her birth pic too., that's cool.

  4. How sweet! Are you having a hard time seeing your little ones grow up? Karis turns 1 tomorrow and I just feel like crying!

  5. oh, 3. wow!

    i cried the day before maddie's 3rd birthday. 3 just seemed so grown up to me.

    what a happy, cute, funny girl you have. :) i'm so glad that you enjoy her so much. isn't God good at giving us the perfect kiddos? yep. He is. :)