Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, Jayna is at this phase right now where she's talking really well, but her pronunciation isn't quite perfected yet, and she talks SO CUTE. So I'm going to do some Jayna to English translating:

cork = fork (as in "I needa cork")

poon = spoon (where my poon?)

tan you toot me? = can you scoot me? (her chair, at the table)

I wanna doe ow-tide = I want to go outside

I wanna nack = I want a snack
or (using her manners):
tan I have a nack peese? = can I have a snack please?

goggy = doggy

titty = kitty (yeah, that's a good one)

guck = duck

tao = cow

kahk = talk (as in: "I wanna kahka damma" = I want to talk to grandma)

Tage-y = Sage-y

and my personal favorite:
I wuv you

there are many more, she pretty much talks like this all the time - a lot of words start with the T sound or the K sound.

and in case you're wondering, I pretty much got my house cleaned up. Mostly. I still need to clean the bathroom - hopefully that will be today. :)


  1. that's toe tweet. smiles. why can't we all get away with being that cute? ....shrug...i tried to make a hat!! i'm very very discouraged..so i turned back to doing a blanket...i like to be succesful.

  2. jayna. to DIE for. seriously.