Monday, January 12, 2009

My Messy House

Whenever I see other peoples' blogs, their houses always look warm and cozy and CLEAN! Is that real, or do you guys push away the clutter so the pictures look good (that's what I do). My house is particularly trashed today, as it often is on Monday's, but we had a crazy week last week, and a very busy weekend, so it seems worse than usual. I'm just going to be bruatally honest here, and show off some of my embarassing mess.

Here is the entry way, when you first walk in the back door - we had lots of snow over the weekend, so it's littered with boots, snowpants, hats, mittens, etc, all fighting for a spot over the vent to get dry and warm.
My dining room table - this is actually not too bad - that's Jayna's lunch that she didn't finish. I didn't wash the table after breakfast because we all overslept and I was late getting Sage to school...
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  1. i saw your comment on soulemama so I wanted to see your messy house and make you feel loved too. Nice messy house and I have one of those too!