Monday, November 03, 2008

Tricks and Treats

Here she is, the lovely, Hannah Montana!
(people thought she was Paris Hilton, hee hee)"Super Dora, to the rescue!"
is what Sage will say if you ask her who she was for Halloween

And my sweet little Tinkerbell.

Mom and Dad masquerading as electricians (awesome costumes, huh?)
Derrick felt like he was at work.

Alyssa and her friends, Morgan Biker Chick, Sarah Cheerleader, and Dr. Stiches Kayra Kinsey

how much fun to go door to door collecting candy?!?
A child's dream come true.
This is the first time the little ones have REALLY been able to get into it.
It was really fun.


  1. cute. i love that you and derrick "dressed" up too. and alyssa looked great...the other two very cute...did they pick the costumes themselves?

  2. sage picked her own costume, jayna... we already had a tinkerbell costume in the dress up box, and frugal me, decided why bother buying a costume that's only going to be worn once?

  3. i really like your new blog background. REALLY like it. it's very peaceful and pretty.